The spectacular Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands
Nature, history, traditions and legends merge to form one of the most magical destinations on the planet. Yes, you were right, we are referring to Scotland, a paradise with spectacular landscapes and numerous archaeological sites that is not far from Spain, so it will be very easy to visit.

Of all the corners of this country in Europe that are worth visiting, today we want to talk about the HighlandsKnown in Spain as the Scottish Highlands, an inspiring mountain region where you can discover a wonderful wild nature, practice numerous activities and discover some traces of Scottish history, such as imposing castles. Do you want to discover more details about this beautiful place? Well, then you can not miss anything we tell you below!

Just as big as Sardinia

The Scottish Highlands are located in the north of Scotland. Known for having a low population density and a relief of the most varied, they occupy an area of ​​25,785 square kilometers, approximately what the island of Sardinia occupies. The territory is divided into different councils: Highland, which occupies 40% of the region; Aberdeenshire, Angus, Moray, Argyll and Bute, Stirling and Perth and Kinross. Many of these councils continue to maintain the Scottish Gaelic language as their mother tongue in a large part of the population. On the other hand, we have to comment that the predominant activities are agriculture and livestock.

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Breathtaking scenery

Located north of Glasgow and Edinburgh, this region offers the traveler sparsely populated wild lands, mountains, rivers, pastures, islands of various sizes ... And, although we can also find footprints of exciting stories, what is most surprising about this place are its spectacular landscapes, difficult to find in other parts of the world.

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Places of interest

There are many corners of the Scotland Highlands that are worth visiting, but since you surely will not have all the time you would like to discover the region, we are going to tell you about some essential places. This is the case of Wester Ross, a place located between cliffs where you can find great valleys and hills full of trees. On the other hand, you must visit Ullapool, one of the most important cities in this Scottish area. Here is the Mesasch waterfall. From here we recommend the trip to Durness Beach and the Smoo Caves. Another town that is worth visiting is Thurso, since from here you can start traveling to discover the archipelago of the Orkney Islands, which is full of archaeological sites. Finally, you must know Inverness, capital of the Highlands, which hides impressive castles and churches.

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Separate mention deserve the lakes that can be found in this region. The Loch Maree stands out, which is the fourth largest in Scotland. Here you will find some islands that had been populated by the Celtic druids. In fact, some still preserve sacred trees that the priests venerated. You can also find a cemetery, remains of a chapel, a well, the small town of Gairloch ... Another lake that we have to mention is the Ewe, on whose shore the Inverewe Gardens botanical garden is located, where numerous tropical beaches can be found. Of course, if there is a body of water that attracts attention, this is the one that is known as Loch Ness. Beyond the monster that is supposed to inhabit the lake and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, the ruins of Urquhart Castle stand out. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more beautiful images of the High Regions of Scotland. Do not miss it!

Scottish Highlands, beautiful scenery, mountains and stunning coastline. (January 2022)

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