Getaway to Vadiello to visit the Cathedral of the Stone

Inland tourism is gaining more and more followers compared to other more crowded destinations. In addition, they are places that allow small getaways during dates such as, for example, this Easter or a weekend. One of the options for these days is the oscense locality from Vadiellowhich is known as Stone Cathedral for the numerous natural attractions that it has such as the surrounding mallos, in addition to its reservoir of the same name as this municipality. A route that offers numerous attractions because several beautiful towns are visited.

How to get

The easiest way to get to Vadiello is by car from Huesca. In this capital, you have to take the road N-240 and then take the detour that indicates Loporzano / Bandalíes. Then you have to continue on the HU-330 until reaching the Vadiello reservoir. From the capital of Huesca, it is estimated that it takes a few 25 minutes.

What to see

When you come to Vadiello, there are several options that you have to visit the area, although there are mainly two routes they should not stop being done for their great beauty. One of them is the visit to Vadiello reservoir. Here, in addition to seeing the reservoir itself, you can also get to know its surroundings, which are characterized by the mountain landscape.

For example, you should not miss Mallos de Ligüerre, as well as other mallos such as Mitra, Puro, La Patata, Los Pepes –also known as the mallos d’Aliana-, Lazas, Las Crestas de Borón, San Jorge peak and ravines of Escomentue, the Devil and Lazas.

A must and very curious visit is also the Palomo canal, where it is possible to see numerous vultures that are there shelters. They are places from which it is habitual to be able to see eagles. walking trails.

Another route to do in this area includes events more cultural with visits to the Hermitage of San Cosme and San Damián. Its access is easy from the Vadiello dam, having to cross tunnels and cross the river through the dam.

On this walk of about 45 minutes Until you get to visit these monuments, other places such as the Cross Cover wave Booth of the Four Winds from where the path that goes down to the bottom of the ravine leaves and then goes up to the orchards of San Cosme.

Other visits

In addition to visiting these points, nature lovers can enjoy great views already on the car tour. One reason why it is recommended that the journey be made with the down window, provided that time and conditions allow.

And that is how you can better enjoy the views and see how they go narrowing the ravines as the destination is reached. Besides, all the way, you smell a nice smell to thyme Y rosemary, plants that are very present in the area.

Other locations

People who have more time to do this nature tour can also visit other nearby towns. One of them is Loporzano, whose town is well worth a visit because it has a roman well and one church dedicated to San Salvador in which its tower of five cubic bodies and octagonal capital stand out, among other elements.

The Sasa del Abadiado It is another of the towns that are within this route. Of it, it is necessary to visit especially its source of the Cave with its medicinal watersas well as the medieval necropolis. And, if there is still time, a walk through Castilsabás It will also be very beneficial to know the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Vineyard.

They are proposals to be in contact with nature in a very relaxed and quiet to clear and rest the mind and recover the wasted energy.

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