The symbolic viewpoint of the One World Trade Center

lookout point One Worl Trade Center New York
Throughout the planet we can find viewpoints really amazing. In Hard Hobbit To Break we have told you about some of them, such as the Chicago Tilt viewpoint, which has a platform that tilts outward; or the Chamonix Sywalk, a kind of glass box located 4,000 meters above sea level in the Alps. The one that we are going to show you today may not be as dizzying as these two, but the truth is that it has an important symbolic factor.

We are talking about One World Observatory, located in the One World Trade Center, the raised building where before the attacks of September 11 were the twin towers. Opened this week, this lookout point offers stunning views of New York City. Fancy discovering more details? Well, be very attentive to what we tell you next!

A New York icon

Some viewpoints have become the main tourist attractions of the destinations where they are located and this is possibly what will happen with the observatory of the One World Center in New York City, which will undoubtedly become an icon of the Big Apple. In fact, from the management company it is expected that there will be around 10,000 visitors on good days.

viewpoint One Worl Trade Center New York1

The One World Trade Center

Almost 14 years have passed since the attacks of the "11 S" and we can already say that the skyscraper that has been built on the site of the Twin Towers is complete. And it is that yesterday the Observatory World Center was opened to the public, which is 380 meters high and offers impressive views of the city, including some of the most emblematic monuments, such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, UN headquarters, Times Square, Wall Street or the Brooklyn Bridge. At 542 meters high, the One World Trade Center has become the tallest building in the United States. It has 12 escalators and 71 elevators, including five that go up to the viewpoint and that have been a real engineering challenge, since they travel at almost 37 kilometers per hour, or what is the same, go up to the 120th floor at 60 seconds. Incredible, don't you think?

lookout point One Worl Trade Center New York2

The looker

Focusing already on the viewpoint, which is located on floors 100, 101 and 102, we have to say that some of the newest technologies have been incorporated into it. For example, visitors will be able to experience an interactive tour thanks to a circular disc featuring high-definition real-time images of the streets of Manhattan. Another thing that is striking is that, after passing the entrance through the optical reader, the latter offers a greeting in the visitor's language, illuminating the country of origin in a gigantic globe. Another interesting space is Voices, which offers recordings of architects, engineers, and workers recounting the construction process. On the other hand, the elevators that lead to the viewpoint have screens that, during the journey, show Manhattan in different stages of history: first a meadow, then hills and houses and, finally, skyscrapers. Of course, as you can imagine, being able to enjoy the viewpoint is not free. In fact, the tickets for the observatory are $ 32.

lookout point One Worl Trade Center New York3
Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you can see more images of the new viewpoint of the One World Trade Center. Do not miss it!

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One World Trade Center opens for business (June 2022)

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