Little-known European cities you should visit in 2019

What, wanting to go on vacation? You are not the only one or the only one! In fact, I am not going to wait for them to arrive and I will continue to be faithful to my escapades, since from time to time it is very useful to visit European cities like the ones I will mention below.

All of them I think should be in your ‘triplist‘Of this 2019 for various reasons. Are you ready to discover them? Let's start!

Vevey (Switzerland)

Few Swiss cities are as beautiful as Vevey, which despite being a spectacle does not enjoy the reputation they have the most important in the country. It barely reaches 20,000 inhabitants and is known for being the headquarters of the multinational Nestlé. It became one of the fashionable destinations during the Belle Epoque for the beauty of its riverside walk, which is why the actor Charlie Chaplin He decided to spend the last 25 years of his life there. The old town, named Vieille Ville, is one of its main attractions.

Matera (Italy)

With just over 60,000 inhabitants and with the label of «City of the Stones«, Matera is one of the most beautiful you will find in southern Italy. It is in the Basilicata region and was put on the map by many when it appeared in the movie "The Passion of the Christ" starring Mel Gibson. It is a spectacular city that was named a World Heritage Site by Unesco, something that one begins to understand as soon as it is lost in its alleys. Of course, you must be prepared to be hot and to face more than a fairly steep hill.

Sitges (Spain)

I will not tire of saying that it is one of the most beautiful places that one can visit in the province of Barcelona. Sitges has a beach, atmosphere and a beautiful old town. Enjoying your walk is mandatory, as it is also resting on its fine sand while the sun slowly sets. It's a destiny gay-friendly popular for its carnival and for the Sitges Film Festival that is held every year (usually in early October).

Arles (France)

This list could not be absent from Arles, a French city of just over 50,000 inhabitants that is fortunate to be located in the region of the Provence. It is perfect for history lovers, since there are numerous monuments that were built at different times, such as its ancient amphitheater and the aqueducts, which will make you believe that it is actually in Rome.

Zadar (Croatia)

Thinking of Croatia as a vacation destination often leads us to book a room in Dubrovnik, which is a city to take off your hat. However, you have to explore a little more to realize that it is a country full of incredible municipalities. One of them is Zadar, a cosmopolitan city that has left the war period behind to become an ideal place for a leisurely stroll. Its promenade, with the famous sea ​​organIt is highly recommended.

Minsk (Belarus)

Yes, I know that traveling to Belarus doesn't sound very attractive, but it must be said that the country's capital is capable of attracting any tourist. This year, by the way, it will host the European Games from June 21 to 30, something that will undoubtedly reinforce its position as one of the European cities with the greatest potential for growth at the tourist level, since it will unveil some of its virtues, such as for example how clean your streets are always or how safe What is it.

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