The mysterious island of Por-Bajin in Siberia

By Bajin Siberia
One of the things we like to do the most in Hard Hobbit To Break is talking about the great enigmas of the planet, such as the Nazca Lines of Peru or the Richat Structure in the Sahara. Well, today we want to show you another one of those places that remains a mystery to historians. We are referring to the island of By-Bajin from Siberia, of which much data is unknown.

Located on the Tere-Khol lake of Tuva, in the center of Eurasia, the “mud house” (as it is known in the Tuva language) was discovered more than a century ago, but is still considered one of the most enigmatic monuments of Russia. Do you want to know more details about this mysterious place? Well, do not miss anything we tell you below!

What is Por-Bajin?

Although there are no accurate data in this regard, it seems that Por-Bajin was built between 744 and 840, that is, at the time of the Uighurs Khaganate. However, the great enigma of this place is not the year of its construction, but its function. And it is not yet known if it was a Buddhist temple, a summer residence or a fortress. In fact, there are some who support the theory that it is an ancient observatory, while others believe that it looks like a kind of Chinese palace-city. Be that as it may, why did the Uighurs build this place in such a remote location from trade routes and large settlements?

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Other mysteries of Por-Bajin

But don't think this is the only thing unknown about Por-Bajin. It is also not known if this impressive construction was done directly at Tere-Khol or if the island was formed after construction. What we do know is that this place was explored in 1891, carrying out small excavation works in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, in 2007 some important ones were discovered remains archaeological sites, such as clay foot boards, drawings on the walls, giant doors and fragments of burned wood. Unfortunately, none of these discoveries have shed light on the origin of the construction. Furthermore, it is also unknown why it was abandoned in the 9th century.

At risk of disappearing

One of the things that scientists, archaeologists and historians are most concerned about is that Por-Bajin is in danger of disappearing, as the increase in the planet's temperature is causing the walls to be destroyed and the lake level to continue to rise. Apparently, according to the latest investigations, the walls could collapse in about 80 years. Further. These studies confirmed that two earthquakes they had started the deterioration of the place. One took place in the 8th century and the other after the abandonment of construction.

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A tremendously captivating place

The only thing that is clear is that it is a captivating place, where the walls await about seven hectares of remains of dozens of buildings and a central structure divided into two parts but joined by a covered walkway that, apparently, was roofed , since 36 wooden columns are preserved on stone bases. It is also known with enough certainty that the place was not built to permanently inhabit it, since more artifacts had been found. Furthermore, there was no heating system in Por-Bajin, which is strange considering the harsh weather conditions in this area of ​​Siberia located more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will discover more images of the island of Por-Bajin. Do not miss it!

Por-Bajin Siberian island fort - Arumesi Lowa (October 2021)

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