Dallol, the warmest point on the planet

Dallol Ethiopia
What in these cold moments would you like to be in a super place warm? Well, today we are going to move to one of the hottest spots on the planet. Yes, we already know that it is not exactly the paradisiacal landscape of white sands and crystal clear waters in which you would like to find yourself, but it is a place that will leave you speechless. We assure you!

We are referring to Dallol, a vast expanse of landscapes hostile to humans located in northern Ethiopia, specifically in the Danakil depression. Known as "the door to hell", this place can boast of unmatched beauty. Do you want to learn more about this African corner? Well, do not miss anything we tell you below! We assure you that you will love it!

The hottest spot on Earth

It is not in Dallol where the highest temperatures in history have been recorded, but it is the inhabited place where the average temperature has been highest. And it is that according to records carried out between 1960 and 1966, just before the mining settlement that had risen to extract silvina was abandoned, the average annual temperature was 34.4ºC. Dallol is, in fact, a volcano located below the sea level of which updrafts emerge creating springs of immense beauty.

Dallol Ethiopia1
As we mentioned at the beginning, this volcano is located in the Danakil depression, which is 116 meters below sea level. Located in the Horn of Africa, this place is known for being one of the cradles of the hominids.

Fearless Travelers

Despite the high temperatures experienced in this area, many intrepid travelers are encouraged to visit this place. And the truth is that it is not surprising, because it has a beauty hardly matchThanks, among other things, to the colors of the springs, with shades ranging from white to green, through orange or yellow. These shades arise thanks to the mixtures of boiling water with different elements, such as sulfur, salt or sulfur.

Dallol Ethiopia2

An uninhabitable place

Of course, keep in mind that boiling water mixed with these acids poison air with gases that are very dangerous to humans. Therefore, it is an uninhabitable place, which does not prevent tourists, as we have already said, from approaching the place. But don't think that toxic gases are the only dangers we can find in the area. And it is necessary to bear in mind that in this area of ​​Africa kidnappings of foreigners take place, reason why it is frequent to see armed vigilantes. As if this were not enough, it is one of the most inaccessible places on the planet, since there are many areas that are in poor condition. In addition, some accesses are cut off, so the only way to access it is through the camel caravans. And it goes without saying that the climate in the area is really unbearable.

Dallol Ethiopia3

Completely uninhabited

Today the area is completely uninhabited, but remains of small salt brick constructions created by the nomadic people of the Afar can still be seen. And it was that they were hired by mining companies to extract minerals without success throughout the 20th century. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of Dallol. Do not miss it!

The Unearthly Scenery of Dallol, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia in HD (November 2020)

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