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PortAventura is, without a doubt, one of the best amusement parks in the world. We do not say it, but the travel portal TripAdvisor which, as you know, prepares rankings taking into account the opinions of users. In its latest lists of best amusement parks, the park located in Salou ranks first in Spain, second in Europe and ninth in the world. Not bad at all, right?

Since we are lucky to have this spectacular amusement park in our country, you should not miss the opportunity to visit it. Of course, to explore it thoroughly and to be able to enjoy its shows and attractions to the fullest, the idea is to spend at least a couple of days. And although around PortAventura You can find a lot of hotels, today we want to talk to you about those that belong to the park, which are thematic. If you stay in any of them, your experience in the best amusement park in Spain will be complete. Today we talk about them in Hard Hobbit To Break.

PortAventura Hotel Gold River

First of all we want to tell you about the PortAventura Hotel Gold River, where you will have the opportunity to go back more than 200 years in time. And it is that the hotel is inspired by the town of Sullivan, one of the most successful cities in the golden age of Wild West. It is an impressive hotel very close to Salou that has 549 rooms, three swimming pools, two restaurants, a buffet, three bars, a games room and a store. Actually, it is a real city to get up close to the glorious times of the West, and you can stay at the town hall, at the sheriff's station or at the old train station. In addition, you can also stay in the cabins of the forest or in the majestic mansion of Lucy Callaghan.

Gold River Hotel

Port Aventura Hotel PortAventura

If living in the Wild West doesn't quite convince you, you also have the option of staying in a charming fishing village located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. We are talking about the Port Aventura Hotel PortAventura, a 500-room hotel that recreates a beautiful Mediterranean village with the most friendly people, lush vegetation, two fantastic outdoor pools, a gym, a sauna, steam baths, a Jacuzzi, a children's pool ... In addition, there are more proposals for the smallest of the house, who will enjoy themed rooms of the Woody & Friends Club and the Woody Refuge, where the pet Woody Woodpecher and your friends will invite you to live a magical experience. As if that were not enough, the hotel has a privileged location, since it has direct access to the Mediterranean area of ​​the park.

Port Aventura Hotel PortAventura

PortAventura Hotel Caribe

If you like the Caribbean atmosphere, nothing like staying at the PortAventura Hotel Caribe, which has one of the sandy pools white largest on the continent. It is a 4-star hotel where you can combine relaxation and fun. Each of the buildings represents a Caribbean island.

PortAventura Hotel Caribe

Port Aventura Hotel El Paso

Of course, we could not forget the Port Aventura Hotel El Paso, a 4-star hotel that represents an authentic hacienda of the Colonial Mexico. Here you will be able to enjoy a most familiar atmosphere, with a beautiful decoration, spectacular gardens and a very friendly treatment. In addition, you will find immense swimming pools and a Mexican gastronomy reinvented with top quality products.

Port Aventura Hotel El Paso

New hotel

Finally, we want to inform you that PorAventura will soon open a new hotel. This is the Lucy Mansion, which is part of the Gold River Hotel complex and has been transformed to become the first 5-star hotel in the park. With 28 luxury rooms and two suites, PortAventura aims to capture even more visitors. In addition, in June the 78-room Callahagan building will be incorporated into the Hotel Gold River.

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