The vertiginous Desfiladero de los Gaitanes in Malaga

gorge of the gaitanes Malaga
The Easter week It's just around the corner, so if you're lucky enough to have a vacation these days you better start planning it. Without a doubt, one of the best options is to make a getaway to any corner of Spain, which is full of interesting places.

Today, for example, we want to talk to you about the Natural Site Los Gaitanes gorge, a canyon excavated by the Guadalhorce river located in the province of Malaga that surprises for the beauty of its surroundings, for its geomorphological interest and, of course, for the Caminito del Rey. We will tell you about this impressive gorge and the vertiginous Caminito del Rey below!

The gorge

As we mentioned, the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a gorge opened by the Guadalhorce located in a place known as El Chorro. The result of the passage of the river through the limestone and Jurassic Dolomites has resulted in an impressive canyon of about three kilometers long, reaching the municipalities of Antequera and Ardales. It has a minimum width of 10 meters and a maximum height of about 300 meters, although in some points it reaches 700 meters deep.

Geomorphological importance

As we have mentioned before, this place has great geomorphological value, since rocks of different origins and ages can be found in this canyon, giving rise to curious geological formations, among which are numerous caves and chasms. In fact, it is calculated that there are about 20 cavities that have great geological and archaeological importance, having found samples of rock art.

gorge of the gaitanes Malaga1

Flora and fauna

Beyond the rocks and caves, it must be borne in mind that this place also has a value ecological. And it is that on the walls we can see both animal and plant life. As for the flora we can highlight species such as Aleppo pine, holm oak, eucalyptus, black juniper, stone bullfinch, rockrose, majuelo, gorse and white steppe, while from the animal kingdom the birds of prey stand out, among which we find the Bonelli's eagle, the Peregrine Falcon and Eagle Owl. Other animals present in this place are the mountain goats, blackbirds, swifts, kestrels, goshawks, medium-sized birds of prey, griffon vultures, wildcats, genets, dormouse and meloncillo.

Caminito del Rey

Of course, if we have to highlight something of this impressive place it is the Caminito del Rey, a step hanging from the wall of the mountain that in some sections is very vertiginous. And it is that we are talking about pieces of no more than a meter in width located about 100 meters high. Although this road has been closed for a long time due to being considered dangerous, it will reopen at Easter, since it has gone through an important process of rehabilitation. The total route is 7.7 kilometers, of which 4.8 kilometers are accesses and 2.9 kilometers are walkways. Of course, you must bear in mind that it is a linear path, so each one must ensure for themselves the return to the starting point, at least for the moment. And it seems that this situation could change in the coming months when infrastructures are improved, spaces for parking cars are enabled or buses or minibuses are included.

gorge of the gaitanes Malaga2
If you want to request access to this natural site, which, by the way, is free, you must enter the web The curious thing is that since February 24, the day the page was put into operation, more than thirty thousand reservations have been received. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will discover more images of the Gaitanes Gorge and the Caminito del Rey. Do not miss it!

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