The 10 most Zen Spanish cities

Today we would like to publish a different article. An article dedicated to those looking to relax in their day to day, since we will talk about the 10 Spanish cities where yoga is most practiced, an ancient tradition that emerged in India between 3,000 and 6,000 years ago. In the last decade it has not stopped gaining followers in Spain, and that allows us to speak of 10 municipalities in which stress and sedentary lifestyle are fought with all kinds of positions that even the famous have dared to try: Elsa Pataky, Judit Mascó, Verónica Blume, Cristina Pedroche ...

Holidu, the vacation rental search engine, has used Google data on studies and their average rating to create a ranking with the best cities to practice yoga. Zen cities where pampering is very simple. Do you want to meet them?

1- Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz of Tenerife
There is 2.11 yoga studios per 10,000 inhabitants and the average rating is 4.76. The truth is that it is an ideal place to practice yoga, with the sea breeze caressing you, with the Atlantic ocean in the background and with a temperature that is usually ideal for much of the year.

In Santa Cruz there are up to 43 centers, being the Siming School one of the most recommended because you can also practice Pilates, Jujitsu, Calisthenics, Meditation and Chikung with the help of the professionals who work there. Of course, you are always in time to practice yoga outdoors in the Parque Municipal García Sanabria, a place where tranquility and good views are guaranteed.

2- Granada

In this case we have to talk about 2.02 yoga studios per 10,000 inhabitants and an average rating of 4.71. Granada, which is already a city without the hustle and bustle of other places in Andalusia such as Seville, allows you to enjoy the practice of yoga at affordable prices and with Sierra Nevada just 30 minutes away.

Sabai Salud, a center specialized in hatha yoga, hatha vinyasa and chikung, is without a doubt one of the best you will find in the provincial capital. Of course, do not forget that you can also go to the Mirador del Barranco del Abogado to do your postures outdoors, about 15 minutes from the Alhambra and enjoying some movie sunsets.

3- Pamplona

In the capital of Navarra there are 1.98 yoga studios per 10,000 inhabitants and the average rating is 4.85. Despite the fact that the San Fermines are lived with great intensity, according to a survey carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), we are talking about the quietest city in Spain.

What is the most recommended? The Yoga Pamplona Shiva & Shakti center, where you can practice integral yoga, hatha raja yoga, vinyasa yoga, soft yoga, akroyoga, prenatal yoga and meditation. If you don't want to pay, nothing like going to the famous Ciudadela Park, where finding a few minutes of calm is not complicated at all.

4- A Coruña

In A Coruña there are 1.84 yoga studios for every 10,000 inhabitants and the average rating is 4.95. Between how well you eat there and how easy it is to rest to enjoy the pleasures of life, it is normal that it is one of the best places to open yoga centers.

Perhaps the best of all is the Miyoga Studio Coruña, where you can request comprehensive yoga classes, ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga for
children and for pregnant women, vinyasa yoga and meditation. If you are looking for a free plan, go to the Parque de Santa Margarita, since there you will find the concentration you need.

5- San Sebastián

Saint Sebastian
In San Sebastián there are 1.82 yoga studios for every 10,000 inhabitants and the average score is 4.81. I think it is not necessary to talk about the beauty of this city that has one of the most incredible beaches in the world, where you can take advantage to practice yoga. Another alternative is the Cristina Enea Park or Zurriola beach, which is for surfers. However, there is always time to let yourself be guided by professionals from centers such as Yoga Shala, where they can boast of being experts in hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga and yoga for pregnant women.

6- Palma de Mallorca

With 1.80 yoga studios for every 10,000 inhabitants and 4.71 of average valuation, the capital of the Balearic Islands is another city that deserves to be in this list.

Mysore Mallorca is the center that we recommend for being specialists in ashtanga yoga, but you can also go to the Bellver Forest or enjoy the sun on beaches like Cala Ratjada or Cala Mondragó, where the waves of the sea will accompany your movements.

7- Santander

In the Cantabrian capital there are 1.74 yoga centers per 10,000 inhabitants and the average rating is 4.88. You can receive classes next to the cathedral, at the Yoga Bárbara Martínez specialized in yoga, yoga therapy and natural therapies, or you can go to Mataleñas Park or Mataleñas Beach.Whatever you choose, you are sure to succeed.

8- Oviedo

In Oviedo there are 1.50 yoga centers for every 10,000 inhabitants and the average score is 4.91. In Satya Yoga you can practice hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, acroyoga, pranayama
and meditation, but if you are looking for a plan outdoors and the weather is good, you should know that you can practice your favorite postures in the beautiful Parque de San Francisco.

9- Barcelona

Yes, in a city as busy as Barcelona it is also possible to speak of peace and tranquility. There is 1.47 yoga studios for every 10,000 inhabitants and the average rating is 4.7. Yoga Bindu, with 13 years of experience, is one of the most recommended for price and for its wide offer: ashtanga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa and acroyoga. Of course, do not forget that the Mediterranean climate can invite you to visit the Parque de la Ciudadela.

10- Alicante

Finally, closing this list is Alicante with 1.45 yoga centers for every 10,000 inhabitants and an average rating of 4.86. They will speak highly of the Marta Martín Pilates and Yoga Center, although you have two good alternatives without paying a single euro: the Palmeral Park and the Bol Nou Beach, which is in Villajoyosa.

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