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Unfortunately, 2014 has been a disastrous year in what accidents aircraft is concerned. Therefore, many people are increasingly afraid of flying. However, we must not forget that airplanes continue to be one of the safest means of transportation, so there should be no panic despite recent events.

Undoubtedly, airlines have a lot to do with the feeling of passenger fear. And it is not necessary to ignore the reality: there are statistically safer companies than others. Today we want to talk to you precisely about those that offer us greater security according to the specialized website, which each year releases a list of the ten safest airlines on the planet, taking into account factors related to the audits of certain organizations, governments and the registry. of mortality of each company. Do you want to join us?


In the first position we find Qantas, which has never had an accident with a Jet plane. Of course, it suffered the occasional fatal accident with the planes at propulsion. The safety success of this company is found, among other things, in the development of the Fligth Data Record system, which is responsible for motorizing both the performance of the crew and the aircraft.

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The next airline on the list is Finnair, Finland's main airline. Founded in 1923 by Bruno Lancander, it has its operations center at the Helisinki-Vanta airport. He has not had an accident since 1963.

Cathay Pacific

Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has suffered two accidents along its history. And that travels to more than 50 destinations on 5 continents.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zeland is a New Zealand airline founded in 1940. In fact, it is the country's main airline, operating regular flights to 25 domestic destinations and 26 international destinations to Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania.

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore's main airline, Singapore Airlines, is the fifth safest airline in the world according to One of his peculiarities is that you have at your disposal the largest passenger plane on the planet: the Airbus A380.

Ethihad Airways

We moved to the United Arab Emirates to meet Ethihad Airways, an airline that is based in Abu Dhabi. In addition to being among the safest companies, it also ranks first in services and flight quality.


In seventh place we find Emirates, an airline that belongs to Dubai. Founded in 1985, it has had no accidents, so it is not miss make it part of this list.

British Airways

We're going back to Europe to talk to you about British Airways, the UK's leading airline. Created in 1974, it operates to 169 destinations on all continents and still has the honor of being among the safest on the planet.

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Considered the largest airline in Europe, Lufthansa has also entered this list of safest airlines. Based in Cologne, Germany, it has been considered the best airline on the old continent in the World airlines awards occasionally.

Eva Air

We finish our list of safe airlines with the least known in the ranking. This is Eva Air, a Taiwanese airline created in 1989. It is striking that it was the first Taiwanese airline to receive IOSA, which is the security accreditation granted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Will you opt for these airlines when making your next trips?

The Safest Airlines in the World (March 2020)

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