Torres del Paine National Park, a beautiful place in Chile

National Park Torres del Paine
What do you think if we cross the pond to see one of the most spectacular national parks in South America? Great! Truth? Well, let's go there! Today we move to Torres del Paine National Park, a spectacular region of massifs covered by glaciers, snow-capped mountains, impressive peaks, lakes of a beautiful light blue color, crystalline rivers and guanacos, animals very similar to llamas.

The National Park Torres del Paine, which is located in Chilean Patagonia, specifically about 100 kilometers from Puerto Natales, should be a mandatory visit for all lovers of nature and adventure sports. Do you want to know more about this beautiful Chilean corner? Well, do not miss anything we tell you below!

Breathtaking scenery

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco in 1978, Torres del Paine National Park stands out for its impressive landscapes. We are talking about 242,242 hectares in which a great variety of environments can be observed, such as the mountains, of which the Cerro Paine, the Torres del Paine and the Cuernos del Paine stand out. Of course, in the park you will find valleys, rivers, lakes and glaciers. Of course, the granite massifs that have been modeled by the force of glacial ice and that give the park its name stand out.

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In addition, it is possible to find 166 animal specials, of which 25 are mammals, 126 birds, 6 fish, 6 reptiles and 3 amphibians. They highlight the guanacos, herbivorous mammals typical of South America very similar to the llamas that abound in the park. Of course, these are very shy animals, so it is better to observe them from a certain distance. In addition, they are very fast, being able to reach 60 kilometers per hour.

Torres del Paine2 National Park

Trails, infrastructure and equipment

In addition to its spectacular beauty, this Chilean national park is known for hosting a large number of hiking trails. These are paths that run through pampas, Magellan forests, lagoons with icebergs, lakes and spectacular glaciers. The most surprising thing is that all these environments are surrounded by gigantic rocks known as the Cuernos del Paine. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that Torres del Paine National Park has a perfect infrastructure and equipment. In fact, you will have many options in terms of accommodation, being able to choose hotels, hostels, refuges, camping sites ... As if that were not enough, different types of guided excursions are offered, such as ice walks, sailing trekking.

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When to visit Torres del Paine National Park

You can visit the park at any time of the year, since in all seasons it has things to offer. For example, in spring (which runs from September to December), you can enjoy pleasant temperatures while watching the flowers bloom and the animals mating. In summer, (from December to March), the park is full of visitors and the truth is that it is not surprising, since during these months many activities related to the mountain, like the trekking, the kayak or mountain bike. As for autumn, a period that runs from March to June, the park looks tremendously beautiful thanks to the typical colors of this time of year, such as red and ocher tones. The most difficult period is winter, since many shelters close their doors due to the cold and unstable weather. However, the scenery during the colder months of the year is truly spectacular, with the snow capped mountains.

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