What is the best time to travel to the Caribbean?

best Caribbean time
The Caribbean is, without a doubt, one of the most chosen destinations by tourists from all over the world. And the truth is that it is not surprising, since it has a lot of attractions: a warm climate almost all year round, spectacular beaches with fine sand and clear waters. crystalline, a seabed full of life, accommodation of all kinds, a rich cultural diversity ...

While it is true that in the Caribbean You will be welcomed with open arms at any time of the year, there are seasons that are more recommended to travel to this place. We will talk about them below!

Depending on the weather

If the most important thing about your trip to the Caribbean is to be able to enjoy good weather, what we recommend is that you travel in the high season of the area, which takes place from December to May. During these months the temperatures are a little lower (around 28º) and there is no risk of hurricanes. In fact, the humidity is much lower and there is less chance of rain. The water will not be as hot as in summer, but it will still have a pleasant temperature. On the other hand, from August to November there is the possibility of hurricanesSeptember being the most dangerous month to travel.

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Depending on the prices

If you are dying to go to the Caribbean but you have a budget Limited, you must travel when it is low season in the Caribbean, that is, in hurricane season (from August to November). During these months many travel agencies launch very succulent offers to fill the planes. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that prices go up quite a bit during Christmas.

The best thing to travel to the Caribbean at any time of the year at a good price is, without a doubt, taking trips with a lot of advance.

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