How much does it cost to travel to the Moon?

Do you know how much it costs to travel to the Moon? It may be a totally surreal question, but the truth is that it is not at all. In fact, we have an answer: 110 million euros.

How do we know this figure? Well, very simple! The space tourism company Space Adventures It offers this possibility, which is to travel around the satellite aboard Soyuz, a Russian spacecraft. Of course, the two clients they currently have must wait until 2017 to enjoy their trip. Do you want more information about this and other special trips? Well very attentive!

The trip to the moon

As we just told you, Space Adventures trips to the Moon will not be possible until at least 2017. This is because the crew capsule of Soyuz It has not changed much in the last decades and needs some structural variations: a change in the navigation of the ship, a modification of the communication systems, the replacement of the heat protector ... Of course, from the company they have no doubt that Russian engineers are prepared for this task.

Apparently, the journey from Earth to the Moon and the return to our planet will take a week. Therefore, the company also intends to design a new housing module for passengers. However, we have to warn you that it is a project that many do not see clearly, not even the Russians themselves.


Other Space Adventures offers

In addition to trips around the Moon, the company, which is made up of a team of experts in adventure travel and aerospace experiences, offers trips to the International Station at a price of 38 million euros. In fact, it is a pioneering company in space tourism, since there are 7 tourists who have been able to experience this trip. Very soon the singer Sarah Birghtman It will become the eighth tourist to travel to space.

Virgin Galactic continues despite the accident

Space Adventure is not the only company offering space travel for tourists. The Virgin Galactic company, for example, plans to start its flights from next year. Yes, the company is continuing with its project, which consists of offering commercial space flights. And that a few days ago the aircraft SpaceShipTwo, with which the company intended to make its space trips, exploded during a test flight carried out over the Mojave desert (California). In it the co-pilot of the ship lost his life.

SpaceShipTwo crash
After this accident, some people have canceled their tickets to travel to space. However, as they have claimed from the company, most have encouraged the company to move on. And that's what they will do, since Virgin already has the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft manufactured 65% and it seems that it will continue with its tests in six months.


Virgin Galactic's suborbital journeys

What they offer from the company founded by Richard Branson are suborbital trips, that is, more than 100 kilometers above sea level. Of course, from this height passengers will be able to contemplate the land, in addition to experiencing the feeling of weightlessness for a few minutes. Although most of those who have booked their tickets for these trips are anonymous, some well-known names have been leaked, such as Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks or Stephen Hawking. They have all had to pay $ 200,000.

Tea dare to travel into space if you could afford what it costs to do it?

How Much Money Does It Cost To Go To The Moon? (April 2021)

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