The most curious causes of flight delays

curious causes delays
Undoubtedly, among the things that most irritate and piss off travelers at airports are delays of flights, which are much more common than we would like. Luckily, there are certain actions we can take if we are stranded at airports.

Today, however, we want to keep the funniest part of this problem. And is that Flightright, an online portal that is precisely in charge of managing compensation for annoying delays and flight cancellations, has published a selection of the most curious causes that have caused delays. Do you want to know some of them? I assure you that you will love these stories!

Naughty animals

Some of the most curious situations that Flightright explains to us have to do with animals. For example, in our country, specifically at the airport of Palma de MallorcaThey had to delay a flight because of a dog that escaped from the cage and headed for the runway. After several attempts, staff were able to capture the animal, although they had already had to delay the departure of three flights. The worst thing of all, yes, was that a plane had to spend 45 minutes flying over the airport because it could not land.

curious causes delays1
More curious still is the case of the crabs that escaped from their boxes and invaded the hold of an airplane that came from New York and was heading to North Carolina. And for strange stories the one that was lived in a flight of Air India with 200 passengers. And it is that the crew discovered that the back of the plane was full of rats, so the pilots had no choice but to land.

Seat fight

It seems that in the United States it is quite common for passengers to fight over seats. In fact, not too long ago, a flight had to stop emergency to evict two people who were fighting. This caused all passengers to arrive late to Florida.

curious causes delays2

Nicotine addict

Smokers often have a hard time waiting at airports, especially when they have passed security checks. All but one passenger who was at JFK airport in New York who, neither short nor lazy, decided to cross the controls security to go out to smoke. Apparently, after finishing the cigarette, the nicotine addict returned to the boarding area through a door that was not open, which, as you can imagine, caused real chaos. Finally, the passenger was not detained, but the airport experienced a situation of true chaos that caused delays in more than one flight.

Imitating Whitney Houston can be expensive

We want to finish our review of the most curious causes of delays with the case of a woman who was expelled from an America Airlines plane for singing. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! Apparently, the passenger did not stop singing the mythical song "I will always love you" by Whitney houston, so the commander had to make an emergency landing to evict her. The result, in addition to the arrest of the woman, was a delay of one hour. We leave you with the video of the moment of the woman's arrest. The funny thing is that the Houston impersonator keeps singing while she is being kicked out of the plane by the police.

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