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GreenlandGreenland It is one of the most fascinating territories on the planet because it has not yet been altered by human hands. Of course, humans have greatly influenced its melting, which although it started many years ago, is accelerating by leaps and bounds. Therefore, if you want to visit one of the most incredible places on Earth, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

Fortunately, traveling to Greenland is relatively cheap (at least if compared to traveling to other wild territories like Antarctica). Also, keep in mind that you only need about 5 hours of flight from Europe to get there. If you finally decide to travel to this territory, we recommend that you continue reading, because below we are going to talk to you about everything you must do in this place.

Sail through the southern fjords

Located in northern North America, right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Glacial Ocean, Greenland is actually an autonomous region that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. Covered in 84% ice, it is considered the largest island on the planet. The first thing we recommend you do in this place is navigate the fjords located to the south, where you can find icebergs, arches of ice that are about to collapse and, what you like most, local animals, like seals and whales. We want to pay spatial attention to Tasiermut, one of the most beautiful fjords in the place. And it is that, surrounded by large vertical walls and black rock towers, it is surrounded by a spectacular landscape.


Places you must visit

If you are lucky enough to travel to Greenland, you should visit the settlements Inuit from Ilimnaq and Oqaatsut. In addition, we recommend that you visit the cities of Qaqartok and Nanortalilk and the towns of Igaliku, Tasiusaq, Aappilattoq and Qassiarsuk, the first settlement of the Vikings. Of course, you will have to walk through Nuuk, the capital, where 15% of the inhabitants live and where the University, the National Museum and the Parliament are located. On the other hand, in Ilulissat you will find a very picturesque landscape thanks to its colorful houses and incredible views of the icebergs. In fact, here it is Sermeq Kujalleq, one of the most active glaciers on the planet. In addition, you will love to know the most inhabited town on Earth: Qaanaaq.


Aurora borealis

One of the great attractions of Greenland is the northern lights. And it is one of the best places in the world to observe them. In fact, you can see them in any corner of the territory, including the southern tip, from August. Most agencies include guided tours and photographers professionals.


Recommended activities

In addition to hiking and getting on a cruise through the southern fjords, we recommend that you sign up for an excursion in kayak between icebergs. Best of all, it is an activity suitable for all audiences, including those who have never been on a boat like this. Another activity that you will love will be bathing in the Uunartoq hot springs while enjoying the views of the icebergs floating in the water. In addition, you can travel by helicopter, perform trekkings Through the tundra, spot caribou, fish for salmon and cod, and pick blueberries and mushrooms. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that many excursions and activities involve spending the night in camps, being able to enjoy incredible silence and a dreamy landscape.

Do you dare to travel to this exotic and surprising tourist destination?

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