Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile

Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile
The tourist destination that we present to you today is so surprising and incredible, that you will not believe that it really exists. However the Laguna San Rafael National Park It is a real destination and it is located in the heart of Chile.

An incredible jewel of Chilean nature, which is a must for lovers of sustainable tourism. Ecological biodiversityAmazing landscapes and unique nature are some good reasons to visit this corner of Chile.

Adventure activities

Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile
If you are passionate about adventure sports and direct contact with nature, this is your place. In Laguna San Rafael National Park you can practice hiking, mountaineering, free climbing, snow trekking, skiing and kayaking.

Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile

But if relaxing activities go with you, don't forget your camera because in this natural park you will be able to contemplate the flora and fauna most characteristic of this region. And of course, you can also enjoy incredible nature walks.

Tips for visiting the park

Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile
And when is the best time of the year to get here? Travelers who have already been and know the park well, recommend us to visit it in January, February, March, April, September, October, November or December. But don't forget that the weather is quite humid and abundant rains.

The price of admission for adults and children, both national and foreign, is 2,500 Chilean pesos. Although if you want to visit the park, do not forget that some tourism agencies in Chile organize visits and tours specials.

An incredible experience

Laguna San Rafael National Park of Chile
An experience that you cannot miss, due to its ecological biodiversity, its topographic attractions, its beautiful natural landscapes, its wide range of activities, its marine fauna, its canals ... In short, the perfect example of sustainable tourism, for some reason the National Park Laguna San Rafael de Chile has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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