Hofbräuhaus, the most famous brewery in the world

Hofbrauhaus facade
If there is something that characterizes MunichIn addition to the soccer team that has won so many international titles, it is the passion for beer. It is one of the cities where this drink is consumed the most and the truth is that it does not surprise me. There, so that you don't get thirsty, you can taste all kinds of beers in pitchers of up to a liter of capacity.

I could see it first hand in what is considered the most famous brewery in the world. Is named Hofbräuhaus And in it you can get lost, since it is huge and it is calculated that every day it receives the visit of some 35,000 people. In fact, it is one more tourist attraction in the city, a building that dates back to 1589, when Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria inaugurated it to be a provider of Weissbier to the Wittelsbach family. That makes it also the oldest brewery in the world.

Beer, food, music and a good friend

The bombings of 1944 and 1945 led to its destruction, but in 1958, coinciding with the city's 800th anniversary, the place was rebuilt. Today we can enjoy its beautiful lounges, where you can not only eat and taste the best beer in the country, but you can also listen live music to cheer you up even more. Bavarian music that plays every day (except on All Saints and an Easter day) to the delight of the audience.

Hofbrauhaus interior
Beer is not expensive. In fact, when you return from Germany you are left with the feeling that it costs practically the same as water. They charge you for a half liter jug 4.20 euros and for a liter jug ​​they charge you 8 euros. The typical dishes of the local gastronomy that are served in Hofbräuhaus are very good both in flavor and price, so it is highly recommended to stop by for lunch or dinner, although it should be noted that impressive queues are organized at according to what time. My recommendation, if you have not yet adapted to the early meal times there, is that you spend as late as possible (at 15:00 for lunch or at 22:00 for dinner).

Sales souvenirs

You can't leave there without buying a souvenir in the attached store, which by the way is not managed by the brewery owners. I left there with a liter beer mug with the Hofbräuhaus logo on it. It cost me 9.95 euros.

The legend

Like any charming place, there is a legend that talks about what happened many years ago in the brewery. Alois Hingerl He was a regular of the place who always sat at one of the tables to the left of the premises as soon as he entered. When he passed away, he did everything possible to God I entrusted him with a mission in Munich and he had no choice but to grant his request. Actually, it was a strategy to return to Hofbräuhaus, where he returned to occupy one of the tables that now stand out for being the oldest there is. They date back to 1897, which is when Max Littmann finished the new design of the brewery (the photograph you can see below is from that time).

Antique Hofbrauhaus
Since then they say that the Hofbräuhaus angel drinks his beer with his knuckle and watches every day for the smooth running of the business. Other anecdotes They say that in 1908 a waitress refused to serve a lemonade to a customer or that in those years an elephant who escaped from a traveling circus was attracted to the premises and decided to enter as another customer.

His most human side

What is real is that every December 24 the room opens its doors to destitute so they can enjoy a good dinner without worrying about money. Without a doubt, a demonstration that Hofbräuhaus is more than just the best brewery in the world.

How to get

It is open from 09:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and you can get there using the Metro lines U3 and U6 (getting off at Marienplatz), with bus line 52 or with the S1, S2, S3 suburban lines, S4, S6, S7, S8, S27, SP1 and SP2. Its exact location is Platzl 9.

Hofbräuhaus - Munich - Most Famous Beer Hall in the World! (October 2021)

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