Kinshasa will be the most populous city in the world

No, no. I don't have a crystal ball that allows me to see the future. What happens is that I have believed what they have published in the University of Ontario (Canada), which has produced some estimation data that reinforce the idea that cities will continue to grow in population. The most surprising thing of all is that at the top will not be an Asian city as usual, but at the top we will come across an African city that aspires to become the most important city on the continent: Kinshasa.

It will pass in front of Tokyo

The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be the most populous city in the world in 2075. It is supposed to have 58.4 million inhabitants, a real fool if we take into account that in 2017 the number of inhabitants barely reached 12 million.

Right now the most populous city in the world is Tokyo with a total of 39.4 million inhabitants. Japan's capital will continue to grow, but it will not grow at the same rate as Kinshasa. In fact, there are three cities that will grow much more than Tokyo to be located quite close to the Kinshasa figures.

Bombay it will go from 12.4 to 57.8 million inhabitants, while Lakes will go from 21.3 to 57.8 million and New Delhi It will grow from 26.4 to 49 million. This means that Asia will continue to be the most populous continent by far, which is why it is striking that Kinshasa appears as the most populated in 2075 according to the University of Ontario.

A worldwide problem

The world already knows how it evolves. The towns are being abandoned and cities do not stop growing, which is a challenge at the urban level. In countries such as Europeans or North Americans that does not seem a threat, but in other places on the planet, where that enormous concentration of people is already a problem, politicians should propose solutions to avoid situations of poverty such as those that we never tire of seeing. in TV.

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