5 reasons to travel to Indonesia

Asia It is one of the preferred continents of European tourists. More and more people are encouraged to explore it, among other things because of the economic cost of staying in countries like Thailand or Vietnam. Of course, everything will depend on the type of trip you have planned and the exact area you want to go to.

Today I will focus on Indonesia, which in case you did not know, is the country with the largest number of tropical islands in the world (between 17,400 and 17,500). Those who have been there know that it is worth visiting for reasons such as those mentioned below.

1- There is Bali, one of the most beautiful islands in the world

Who has never dreamed of going to Bali ever? The one known as Island of the Gods Due to the large number of temples it houses, it is a place full of paradisiacal beaches from which one never wants to leave. It is one of the perfect destinations to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon.

2- The Bromo volcano is a spectacle

On the famous island of Java, where they say the first homo erectus lived, the Bromo volcano remains as a huge active caldera that is part of the fire belt that is exhibited by the Pacific. It measures 2,392 meters high and it is of a natural attraction that dazzles all tourists. Of course, you have to be careful with the scams if you do not go on a guided tour, since the inhabitants of the neighboring towns do everything possible to earn money at your expense. You have to know how to negotiate and not be fooled. What is non-negotiable is the price of admission to the Bromo National Park, which costs around 15 euros during the week and around 22 euros on weekends.

3- Raja Ampat, an oasis for diving fans

A photograph serves to describe the beauty that one can find in Raja Ampat, especially if one is fond of diving. It is in the West Papua area and comprises more than 1,500 islands. Its location is perfect, since it is right in the center of the coral triangle, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular marine biodiversity (turtles, sharks, blankets ...). Of course, the most curious animal of all is the dudong, which is a mixture of cetacean and elephant that can only be seen in the corals of Indonesia.

4- The priceless sunsets at the Borobudur Temple

Indonesia is full of temples, and one of the most beautiful and curious is that of Borobudur. It is the largest Buddhist temple on the planet and to visit it you have to go to the island of Java. It is about 35 meters high and to finish it they had to work for 75 years. When they start? It is believed that in 800 A.D. It is a declared monument Unesco world heritage and it has the particularity of being built between two volcanoes and two rivers. In total there are six square platforms with three circular platforms on top and a total of 504 buddha statues. The temple is beautiful, as is enjoying a sunset from there.

5- Its gastronomy

You will like everything you will see in Indonesia, but this Asian country will also be able to conquer you by mouth. Of course, you see prepared to eat rice, since it is the most consumed food in the country by far (normal considering that there are huge extensions of rice paddies). The rice is accompanied with chicken, soy or vegetables.

If you are in Bali And you want to eat cheaply, that you know that you can fill your belly properly for just 3 euros. The most famous dishes on the island are mie goreng and nasi goreng. The first one is fried noodles with vegetables, fried egg and chicken, while the second one substitutes the noodles for rice.

You shouldn't be surprised to find many restaurants that are not exactly Indonesian. There are Chinese, Japanese, Italians ... and even Spanish.

If you are going to ask for a fruit smoothie, which can cost you a euro if you know where to buy it, think that the best fruits are mango and pineapple. And if you want a good coffee, have the most typical of Indonesia, which is called Kopi Luwak. A cup costs about 5 euros and you do not want to know where it comes from, since to get the pulp you have to wait for some animals similar to cats (civets) to eat the grains and expel them, since their digestive enzymes degrade the cover and they end up with the proteins that give it a bad taste, making it a coffee that sells for 400 euros per kilo (after separating the excrement and processing it, of course).

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5 Reasons You Should Travel Abroad (INDONESIA) (August 2022)

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