The 5 best attractions of PortAventura World

Haven't you been in yet PortAventura? You do not know what you're missing! It is one of the resorts with the most spectacular theme parks in the world, an oasis of fun that not only offers breathtaking attractions, but also amazes you with its shows, with music, with the hotels where you can stay. , with gastronomy ...

In this article I am going to focus on what I consider to be the 5 best attractions of PortAventura World, so take note and go preparing yourself for a unique experience.

Furius Bacchus

At PortAventura Park everyone wants to get on Furius Baco. Why? Well, because it is a shuttle that has become the fastest roller coaster in Europe. As soon as you start, with the initial acceleration, you realize that you are not in any attraction. Pass from 0 to 135 km / h in just 3 seconds It is something that is only within the reach of the best supercars on the market, so you can feel like one of them before heading down a winding route that slides at ground level and allows you to touch the water of Lake Mediterrània.

Dragon khan

It is a classic. You cannot leave PortAventura without having previously climbed the Dragon Khan. A total of 8 loopings and 110 km / h They are his best letter of introduction, although you do not realize its greatness until you face the first descent, which is one that is enjoyed with a scream that does not end until the attraction stops. It is normal that it has remained a favorite since 1995, which is when PortAventura first opened its doors.


When we believed that it was impossible to see a more impressive roller coaster than the Dragon Khan, Shambhala emerged to become an icon. It is the highest in PortAventura Park and falls into the category of hypercoaster. Their elevations, the speed it takes and the fact that sometimes you have the feeling that you have lost contact with the seat, will make you discharge all the accumulated adrenaline in a matter of seconds.

Red Force

You have to go to the Ferrari Land of PortAventura World to get on another attraction that is not wasted. Red Force is the tallest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. We are talking about 880 meters of travel and a acceleration of 180 km / h in 5 seconds. The maximum height is 112 meters, so from there you can see the entire park. Of course, with how fast you are going you probably don't even know where you are.

The Typhoon

In Caribe Aquatic Park you can also experience strong emotions. The Typhoon, for example, presents you with a dilemma that you must solve: which route do I opt for? You choose the slide you choose, you start 15 meters high and you enjoy endless turbulence until you reach the water, from where you will want to leave as soon as possible to launch yourself again through one of the slides.

Enjoy these attractions now buying tickets for PortAventura World. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended plans to spend a day or several with the family without worrying about anything, just to have fun.

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