A glass viewpoint breaks under the feet of tourists

Chicago lookout breaks
In the United States in general and in Chicago In particular, you can find many viewpoints that leave your visitors breathless. In fact, a few days ago we told you about the inauguration of Tilt, a vertigo viewpoint that has a platform that leans out of the building.

If you like to contemplate the cities from impressive skyscraperYou may think better after learning about what happened a few days ago to a family in Chicago. Do you want to know what happened? Well, do not miss anything we tell you below!

A real nightmare

One of Chicago's most iconic attractions has come close to becoming California's worst family nightmare. And it is that the viewpoint of the 108th floor of the Willis Tower broke under his feet. The events occurred last Wednesday, when Alejandro Garibay, his brother and two cousins ​​were on one of the glass balconies. Suddenly, they heard how the glass was cracking, so they did not think about it when it was time to leave the viewpoint quickly and alert the managers.

Chicago lookout breaks1

The capacity of the glass balconies

At 442 meters, the Willis Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States. However, the most striking are its glass balconies over 400 meters high, inaugurated in 2009 under the name of "The cornice”.

Following last week's incident, building managers reported that the building's lookouts have a three-and-a-half-inch-thick glass platform capable of holding up to five tons weight, so the cracking occurred in the layer of paint that protects the glass and did not affect the structure, so it was never a danger to visitors.

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