Destinations to live a different Christmas

If you are still one of those who have not chosen a destination for this ChristmasYou should know that it is not too late yet. Beyond the programmed and organized trips and the classic destinations to travel on these dates, there are other sites that allow you to spend some different days within a Christmas environment too. They are both international destinations - which are enjoyed in a very different way - and within Spain. And it is there places with a lot of charm, which are ideal for living some perfect christmas.


Within Spain, you can take a trip back in time to experience Christmas in a medieval atmosphere, but with the advantage of having all the services of the XXI century. The option is to travel to Salamanca and, specifically, to the La Alberca area, next to the Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia natural park.

This enclave has a great cultural environment, which allows to know ancient traditions, its typical gastronomy and the parties, in addition to participating and attending the different celebrations and parties that have been organized and which include gala dinners, party favors and even a disco. They are some of the leisure options, which can be enjoyed by staying in accommodations that are like villas to be like a real medieval king.

Continuing with different ways of living Christmas within Spain, another possible option is to go to a tablao flamenco to get closer to this art and also learn more about the gypsy culture. The proposals are diverse and there are several tablaos that have organized activities for these dates such as Cardamomo, which is in Madrid.

Its programming, for example, includes performances with relevant artistss like Antonio Canales, Juan Andrés Maya and Iván Vargas. They are shows that, in addition, for Christmas and New Year's Eve will be framed within a Christmas atmosphere typical of the gypsy people and accompanied by Dinner on some dates marked as December 24, 25, 26, 30 and 31, as well as January 1.

And, for those who prefer calmer destinations to relax, a good alternative is the spas. For example, the Mondariz It includes Christmas and leisure programming –with dancing, dinner… -, which are combined with treatments for people to pamper themselves on these dates.

For example, it is possible to body treatments, which combine Health Y beauty with the properties of typical products of these dates such as cava or with the richness of the centuries-old mineral-medicinal waters of this spa.

International destinations

Outside of Spain, many cities offer opportunities to experience a different and unforgettable Christmas. One of them is Venice. Actually, it is not a date when there are usually many tourists. And this has the advantage of being able to see it calmly and without overcrowding.

Among its main attractions are boat trips for its channels Y gaps in which special dinners with French cuisine have been organized, accompanied by wines and champagne to make way for a whole night of dancing.

And of course there is always time to see all its charm, architecture and tour other areas like the islands of Burano or Murano, which well deserve a good visit for its streets.

The most daring and adventurous can experience Christmas and New Year's Eve at Victoria Falls and in Botswana, making a safari that leads to tour different National Parks Y private reserves like Moremi or Kalahari. All a wonderful environment for lovers of wildlife and landscapes.

Fly over Victoria Falls to see the waterfall of 108 meters of altitude is another of the alternatives for these days, as well as observing from the sky other mythical places like the Okavango Delta or the kalahari desert.

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