The Government recommends not to travel to Thailand after the coup

not travel to thailand coup
Were you preparing your trip to Thailand? Well, you must have already learned that the country has suffered a coup, right? How could it be otherwise, after this unfortunate event, the Foreign Ministry advises against traveling to Thailand. The good thing is that if you already had the tickets, you have the right to a full refund or a tourist package, as reported by the Federation of Consumers in Action (FACUA).

Do you want to know how you should act to cancel your trip to thailand? Well, pay attention to what we tell you next!

Due to force majeure

As explained FACUAIf you must cancel a trip to Thailand you must request in writing the refund of the ticket amount if it has not already been fully delivered to you. You must know that they must return the money by Law 21/1995, of July 6, which in article 9 states that "at any time the user or consumer may desist from the services requested or contracted having the right to the refund of the amounts who would have paid "if the withdrawal occurs" due to force majeure ".

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If you are already in Thailand

What is clear is that after the coup, which has given power to the army and that it has resulted in arrests and the closure of the media, it is better not to go to Thailand. In the event that you are already there, the Ministry recommends that you exercise extreme caution, avoid displacement, follow the instructions of the local authorities and keep in contact with the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok. He thinks that, at this time, “the military authorities have broad powers and competences and can to restrict, at any time, individual rights, such as freedom of movement or expression ».

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