The spectacular Dettifoss waterfall

The waterfalls are a true tourist attraction in many corners of the world: the beautiful petrified waterfalls and those of Agua Azul in Mexico, the valley of 72 waterfalls in the Alps ... Today we want to show you another of these works of nature that leaves you with your mouth open: the spectacular waterfall of Dettifoss.

Located northeast of Iceland, 500 cubic meters of water fall through this waterfall every second, making it the largest in Europe. In fact, the experience of approaching her is truly overwhelming. We give you more details about this wonder of nature below.


An imposing sound

Dettifoss is a waterfall located in the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, northeast of Iceland, not far from Mývatn. One of the surprising things is its width, which is over a hundred meters. The Jökulsá river overflows from it, fed by the melting of the Vatnajökull glacier, from a height of 44 meters. The imposing sound of the waterfall is capable of shaking and leaving no one indifferent.

The perfect place to disintegrate humanoids

The cataract can be seen from either side of the throat. In addition, there is always the option of moving from one to the other to enjoy the different perspectives. As a curiosity, the director Ridley Scott He chose it to disintegrate a bald, muscular humanoid in the opening sequence of "Prometheus," the prequel to "Alien," which premiered in 2012.


A rewarding investment

Iceland is literally the kingdom of ice, so we can find numerous waterfalls that are worth visiting. However, keep in mind that it is one of the destinations tourist most expensive in the world, possibly due to its extreme contrasts. Of course, the investment will surely be rewarded.

Dettifoss, Iceland - the most powerful waterfall in Europe (November 2023)

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