The first restaurant to eat alone

Amsterdam Eenmaal
We tend to think that eating and dining outside the home is synonymous with sharing a table with family, friends or colleagues. Therefore, we are often surprised to see a person eating alone in a table. However, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal in a good restaurant with no company other than loneliness.

Tired of sharing a menu and enduring the same conversations about bosses and family, Varina Van Goor decided to find a solution so she could go out to eat outside the house without company and not feel like a weirdo. Thus was born the Amsterdam Eenmaal, the first restaurant where you can enjoy yourself alone surrounded by newspapers, magazines and books. Do you want to know more details about this curious restaurant?

With desk-type tables

Although it may seem strange at first, in this restaurant with type tables desk black in color and a single place setting is not allowed to go with company. The fixed price for each diner is 35 euros and includes a four-course menu and wine in complete solitude.

Amsterdam Eenmaal1

Disconnect from hyperconnectivity

With this restaurant, Marina Van Goor intends that people can disconnect for a time in the hyperconnected world without the feeling of feeling out of place.

An exportable idea

Eenmaal's curious idea has been successfully tested earlier this year at the culinary festival "The Rolling Kitchens" at Westergasterein in the Dutch capital. So its creator is already thinking about to export the idea to Paris, London and other European cities.

Would you dare to go eat alone in a restaurant like this or would you rather eat with company from friends and family?

The ramen restaurant where you eat alone (January 2022)

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