Tricks for traveling with dogs

tricks traveling dogs
Traveling with pets, especially with dogs, is increasingly common in our country. And it is that the normality that has always existed in many European countries has finally come to Spain to stay: more and more hotels are accepting pets, transportation systems make things easier, rental apartment owners welcome the presence of animals ...

Despite all these advances, when traveling with you dog you must take different things into account. Discover them below!


Did you know that Cercanías trains are the only form of public transport that accepts dogs of any size? In addition, the animal travels free, although it must be tied on a leash and provided with a muzzle. On the other hand, dogs over 10 kilos are not allowed in the bird and on long-distance trains. Those who can pass must go in a transporter and pay 25% of a human ticket. Of course, preferably the animal travels free if you buy the ticket in advance. In the other means of transport they also tend to discriminate against dogs based on their size.

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Regarding the cabYou can call the Radio Taxi service and check if they have vehicles that allow pets. And in the car, you must be careful so that the animal does not disturb the driver or obstruct his field of vision.


It is important that, before booking, you ask if dogs are allowed in the rooms and if there is a weight limit or supplement. And it is better to avoid surprises: many claim to be lovers of pets but they only want those that weigh less than 10 kilos.


Unfortunately for dog lovers, there are few beaches that, officially, admit dogs. These are O grove (Pontevedra), El Campello (Alicante), Casares (Málaga), a couple of beaches in Girona and La Rubina. Of course, in many coastal towns it is allowed to walk with the dog on the beach when the bathing season ends (A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Donostia, Santoña ...).

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