The best travel photos in the world

The best travel photos
Thanks to new technologies, better photographs can be achieved on trips. However, no matter how hard we try, it will be difficult to achieve images of such beauty as the ones we show you today.

And is that the magazine "Smithsonian”, Which organizes one of the most prestigious photo contests in the world, in which 50,000 images are presented, has announced its finalists. Today at Hard Hobbit To Break we want you to know the best photographs in the Travel section. Can you come with us? We assure you that you will not regret it!

One of the most awaited quotes by photographers

As we have just anticipated, the magazine "Smithsonian" has just announced the finalists from his eleventh annual photography contest. You may not know what we are talking about, but it is one of the most anticipated appointments of the year for both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. While last year 37,600 photographs were received from more than 122 different countries, this year 60 finalist images have been selected from 50,000 photographs from 132 countries.

The best travel photos1

The best travel photos in the world

The magazine has divided the photos into six categories different (Nature, Travel, People, American, Altered Images and Mobile), although we will focus on the travel section, where we can find images made in Myanmar (Burma), Colorado River (Arizona), Ladakh (India), Borrego Springs (California), Ethiopia, Puri (India), Dhamrai (Bangladesh), Isle of Skye (United Kingdom), Inle Laje (Myanmar) and Harz (Germany).

The vote It will be open until May 6, so you still have time to vote for your favorite photograph.

Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you can take a look at the finalist images of the contest organized by «Smithsonian». Do not miss it!

Instant vacation: The world's best travel photos | Travel Photography (November 2022)

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