Are you ready to travel on a motorcycle?

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The motorcycle It has been, is, and will continue to be one of the most widely used means of transportation around the world. In fact, in cities as well known as Rome, Paris or Madrid they are the real protagonists of the streets, something that is not only due to the attractiveness of the streets, but also to the characteristics of some capitals where traffic jams are too frequent.

Moving a motorcycle around the city is full of advantages. The urbanites who have one know it. However, we would like to recommend them for more than that. How about a motorcycle trip this summer to enjoy the holidays to the fullest?

Our advice

The good weather invites us to take the bike. The blind of the garage opens practically alone and the only thing we have to do is get into it with the keys to take a route that can be more or less long. If it is long, you should consider a series of recommendations very important to avoid unexpected problems:

- Prepare the itinerary with time. Do not leave without taking a look at the tour because it is very likely that you will get lost. It is good that you know where there are gas stations, where there are supermarkets or where there is a medical center in case you have any mishaps during the trip.

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- Salt rested to drive in the best possible conditions. In this sense, it is also very important that you stay focused to avoid all kinds of distractions.

- Do not drink and drive. It is a phrase that you will have heard millions of times, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of the danger of driving while intoxicated.

- Do not pay attention to the arrival time. The haste They are not good, so relax and enjoy the tour wisely. Your loved ones are waiting for you around the corner.

- Choose the clothing and the footwear suitable. Do not go out like "I'm going to the beach" because you may have a displeasure. If you go to the beach, save your flip flops and swimsuit for later. Don't drive like that.

- Before starting the trip it is good that you carry out a full review of your motorcycle. You can do it yourself if you have mechanical knowledge, or leave that job to professionals. Maintenance for the summer is essential.

To finish, don't forget to have motorcycle insurance that protects you with the best coverage. In this sense, we recommend betting on those of Mutual Madrileña, which apparently have been renovated to offer you the most complete motorcycle insurance at the best price on the market. Mini Third Parties, Third Parties, Third Parties Plus and All Risks are the available modalities, so you choose.

When you are Ready to go on a long motorcycle trip? (November 2022)

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