A smart wardrobe that prevents theft of towels in hotels

theft locker smart closet
Did you know that 81% of guests admit to taking some “memory”Of the hotels? Towels, bathrobes, soaps and batteries for the TV remote are some of the things that customers steal the most from hotels, but we would be surprised by the objects that some people have dared to take.

Although it may seem silly, the truth is that these thefts represent large losses for companies, which can lose up to 200,000 euros a year. Therefore, Seedwing, a Canarian company specialized in Environmental Engineering, Industry, Aeronautics and Telecommunications, has developed the Smart Wardrobe, whose main objective is to prevent theft of towels through the automatic control of deliveries and returns at hotel complexes. Do you want to know more about this curious and practical invention?

Real-time inventories

This cabinet has RFID technology, a system that is capable of inventories in real time and account for the towels delivered to each user, as well as their returns. In this way, the receptionist can see the information on their computer and verify the towel deposit of each client by making the check out.

theft locker smart closet

Independent modules

The cabinet is equipped with two independent modules inside which have a series of independent RDIF electronic equipment. Thus, while the first has a control access where each hotel customer can operate the opening mechanism and get the towels they want, the second module has a rotating shelf where the customer must deposit the towels removed during the day. In this way, the system can check the towels delivered and show it at the reception.

What do you think of the invention? Do you think that hotels will bet on this type of technology or will they continue to trust their guests?


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