Tips for traveling with teens

tips traveling with teens
Although sometimes we do not want to assume it, children grow up and there comes a time when they become teenagers, a stage that can be quite complicated for parents. And it is that during these years in which children become adults, they are defining their personality and are usually not very clear about what they want.

If you have a teenage son, you will know very well what I am talking about, so if you are planning a vacation with the whole family, do not miss the tips that we are going to give you next.

Freedom and intimacy

The first advice we give you is not to expect them to behave like adults. They are teenagers! It is normal that during this stage they get bored in museums or archaeological sites, so leave them a bit of freedom and allow them to lazy around the hotel if they feel like it.

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Also, we recommend that, if you can afford it, take a single room for him instead of adding an extra bed. He will thank you for more intimacy, and you will appreciate it. And there are times when teenagers can really become unbearable.


Most teens are picky eaters, so it's best to choose restaurants where they serve pizza and chips and those regional foods that you want to try.

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Activities for the whole family

On the other hand, you should plan activities that the whole family will like. For this, the best thing is that before traveling, you sit around a table, choose the destination together and see the possibilities of leisure that it offers. And if the little boy wants to party and the hotel has a nightclub or is in a nightlife area, and you are not very happy that he goes out alone, it may be a good idea to propose to go with him. Surely the desire to go out will stop!

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