How to stretch your legs on the plane

How to stretch airplane legs
Undoubtedly, the worst thing about a vacation or a getaway is the journey to the desired destination, especially if you are traveling in economy class on a plane. And it is that flying has gone from being a pleasure to becoming a real torture for most, especially for tall people.

Today in Hard Hobbit To Break We want to help you so that from now on your flights do not become a real nightmare and you can stretch your feet on the plane. Are you ready? Well here we go!

Emergency exit

The first advice we are going to give you is to reserve the seat next to the emergency exit, since the front seat is some centimeters further away. Of course, you may have to pay an extra to fly in this place of the plane, something worthwhile if the flight is long distance.

How to stretch airplane legs1

In the front row

The seats in the first row also have more legroom although, in general, these are usually first class and tend to be much more expensive. On some aircraft the first row just behind the first class also offers a little more space between seats as they are separated by a curtain or other obstacle.

In the hallway

Another solution to better stretch your legs is to grab an aisle seat. Also, this way it will be easier for you get up to go to the bathroom or walk a little without disturbing the neighbor.

Information and check in

It is important that you inform yourself about the type of airplane with which the company you have chosen covers the route to find out which is the best seat for your needs, although you should not be bothered much in the case of airlines low cost. What we do recommend is that you do the chek in as soon as possible to choose the best seat.

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