Ryanair will sell its tickets through travel agencies

Michael OLeary
It took them a long time to take the step, but they finally agreed. Ryanair, the low cost airline that has allowed many people to travel, has reached an agreement with Travelport to sell their flight tickets, something that did not happen to date. Among their peculiarities was the fact that they only sold seats through their website.

More revenue for Ryanair

Several years of judicial warfare, the company led by Michael O’Leary has decided to renounce its exclusive sales policy through ryanair.com. Travel agencies, which have done their best to circumvent Ryanair's veto, will finally be able to sell their flights through agencies.

The agreement is total and will be beneficial for all parties involved. Both the airline and travel agencies will be able to increase their business volume, although this time the benefit will not always be for them. That means that more flights will be sold, but that they will not get as much slice of them when they are contracted by agency.

Ryanair plane
The agreement with Travelport is already closed and next week they will start selling the first tickets. Kenny Jacobs, Marketing Director of Ryanair, was very optimistic: "More than 22% of our clients already choose Ryanair for their business trips and we hope that this percentage will increase thanks to this agreement."

easyJet did the same in 2012

Thus, we could say that they have taken the same step that one of their competitors took in 2012. It was in that year when easyJet decided to sell their tickets through agencies after reaching an agreement with Amadeus, Travelport's main rival when it comes to air reservation distribution.

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