10 curiosities of Madrid that will surprise you

Yes, that in Madrid There is no beach (really) and all that we have grown tired of hearing. However, in the capital of Spain there is much to do, among other things because it hides curiosities that arouse your interest in visiting it.

Next I will tell you about the 10 that have most caught my attention. Watch out!

1- The narrowest house in Madrid

Calderon-de-la-Barca house
The narrowest house in the city is not just any street. It is not because on Calle Mayor (number 61) he lived and died Calderón de la Barca, one of the great geniuses that our literature has given. The facade is barely 4 meters wide and is kept in good condition by the simple fact of who lived there. There is a reason why there is a plaque that reads "Here, Pedro Calderón died."

2- The oldest iron bridge in Spain

There are many iron bridges throughout the Spanish geography, but none is as old as the one you will see in the El Capricho Park. It was built in 1830 and has a Venetian-style structure that lends itself to a good photo.

3- The bear and the strawberry tree

Yes, we already know that you have seen it. But what does it mean? The bear is actually a bear and symbolizes the constellation of the Great BearAlthough there are those who say that it represents the bear because there were many in that area before it became the city it is now. On the other hand, the madriño is a tree that abounded just where we now only see buildings.

4- La Cibeles and the Bank of Spain

What will have to do one thing with the other? More than you imagine! If someone tried to rob the bank vault with the gold from the bank, they would use the water from the fountain to flood it in seconds. There is an underground channel that allows it.

5- The statue of Satan

It seems strange that a statue can be dedicated to Satan. In fact, it is one of the few in the world and its existence has to do with the work of the sculptor Ricardo Bervell, who was inspired by the verses of «Lost paradise»By Milton to shape the Fallen Angel Monument.

6- A piece of the Wall of Shame

The Wall of Shame, as you well know, is the one that separated Berlin until 1989. Madrid, which is a city twinned with the German capital, retains three blocks from the wall.

7- The oldest restaurant in the world

Casa Botín, a restaurant that is also known as «The Nephew of Booty«, It has the privilege of appearing in the Guinness Book of Records for being founded in 1725 by the French Jean Botin. Such illustrious figures as Hemingway or Benito Pérez Galdós have passed through there, and even the painter Francisco de Goya could be seen working as a dishwasher.

8- The longest and shortest street

Alcala street
The longest street in Madrid is that of Alcalá and is about 10 kilometers long, while the shortest street is the Rompelanzas with just 20 meters.

9- The famous squid sandwich

Few sandwiches are as popular in Madrid as the squid sandwich. What people wonder is how it is possible that in a city so far from the sea a sandwich that is prepared with an ingredient extracted from the sea can be successful. The most widespread theory says that "guilt" (blessed guilt!) Is held by the Andalusian emigrants, which opted for squid as it is an economic product that is easily prepared.

10- The first skyscraper in Spain

Madrid is not a city full of skyscrapers like New York. However, there are some others. The first one that was built is the Telefónica Building (in the photograph), which is on Gran Vía. It became the tallest in Spain with its 15 floors and 89 meters high, although the España Building in Plaza España snatched that record in 1953 with its 117 meters high spread over 25 floors.

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