The most expensive cities on the planet

New York, Paris, London, Berlin… None of these cities, capitals of some of the most important countries in the world, occupies the first position in the list of the most difficult cities on the planet that it has prepared “The Economist" And is that the city that needs a larger portfolio is Singapore.

This is, at least, what the result of a survey carried out by the Intelligence Unit of the aforementioned publication affirms, a semi-annual report that classifies 13 world cities taking into account the appreciation of the currency, inflation and the cost of hundreds of products. Do you want to know which cities follow Singapore? Coming up next, we tell you!

Constant and spectacular growth

Singapore's growth has been steady and spectacular. Is city ​​State He was ranked 18th ten years ago, until today's leadership. They are followed by Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Zurich, (Switzerland), Sydney (Australia), Caracas (Venezuela), Geneva (Switzerland), Melbourne (Australia), Tokyo (Japan) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Caracas, the most expensive city in all of America

Tokyo, the former leader, has lost many spots on this list due to the weak yen, according to the report's authors. On the other hand, the decrease in the cost of living in Canada has allowed New York to regain its position as the most expensive city in North America, although not in the entire continent. Caracas remains there, due to inflation and artificially high exchange rates.

The cheapest cities in the world

"The Economist" has also compiled the list of the cheapest cities in the world, among the 131 analyzed. So, the cheapest ones are Riad, Saudi Arabia; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Panama City, Panama; Bucharest, Romania; Algiers, Algeria; Damascus, Syria; Kathmandu, Nepal; New Delhi, India; Karachi, Pakistan; and Mumbai, India.

What Are the Most Expensive Countries in the World? (July 2020)

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