A pink lake in Senegal

As we already told you the other day when showing you the natural pool of To Sua Ocean Trench, in the world there are truly magical corners. We have found one of them in Senegal, where the lake is located Retba, also known as the "pink lake".

Located in the north of the Dakar region, in Cape VerdeIt is a unique place in the world for its particular pink color, which has made it the subject of multiple scientific studies and photographic objectives. Do you want to know more about this magical Senegalese corner?

The scientific explanation

This curious lake, which covers an area of ​​approximately 3 kilometers, acquires its pinkish hue due to its salinity and algae Dunaliella that produce a red pigment to resist such a concentration of salt. When the pigment and salt come into contact with sunlight, the water turns pink. This hue is especially visible in the dry season, since the algae that causes this color reaction in water multiplies massively.

High salinity

As we have just mentioned, another of the peculiarities of this lake is its high salt content, even higher than that of the Dead Sea, which makes it easy for people to float. In addition, this feature feeds the inhabitants of the area, who are dedicated to scratching the bottom of this lake and transporting it in rudimentary boats to the coast, where they manage to extract this mineral from the water and then sell it.

Men and women protect themselves from corrosive salinity by smearing themselves with shea butter, a kind of cream that protects the skin made from the shea tree that today is a lot of success among beauty lovers.

Shocking Things At The Pink Lake of SENEGAL! (June 2023)

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