A hotel in concrete pipes in Riviera Maya

Hotel Tubo Tulum
There is a phrase that makes more and more sense in the world of hospitality. We refer to that which is said so much about "they no longer know what to invent". And there are hotels of all kinds: at the top of a tree, inside a cabin, under water ... Well, another of the new experiences that tourists can live will be sleeping in a concrete tube, yes, in the middle of nature and with the comforts of a room.

The hotel, called TuboTulum Hostel, is located in the Mexican Riviera Maya, one of the most desired and tourist areas of the planet. Unique in the world in a coastal area, it is located next to some Mayan ruins, a beautiful beach and next to the cenotes, underground lakes that are only found in these lands. Do you want to know more about this original hotel? Well watch out!

A kitchen as a common area

The TuboTulum Hostel houses rooms made with huge tubes of concrete, incorporating a common area with kitchen, designed so that customers have a place where they can interact.

Hotel Tubo Tulum1

A hotel that does not leave you indifferent

Ivonne and Antonio, the creators of this original hotel, assure that “more and more people travel to live new experiences and this is a hotel that does not leave indifferent" Also owners of a hostel in Seville, these Spanish entrepreneurs have it clear: it is one of those hotels that you remember and that you take photos to show your friends.

Respecting nature to the maximum

The best thing about the TuboTulum Hostel is that it is built with maximum respect for the nature of the area. This is because concrete pipes settle only on the surface, retaining most of trees existing in the built-up area.

What do you think of the idea of ​​these Spanish entrepreneurs?

Bacalar Magico (November 2022)

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