First McDonald's opens in Vietnam

If you are one of those who eats in the McDonald’s Visit the city you visit, you're in luck, as the company has just opened a new restaurant in Vietnam. Four decades after the Cold War, the first franchise of the American icon-brand arrives in Ho Chi Minh.

After fifteen years without expanding to a new country (the last was Pakistan), the well-known franchise fast food has broken into the Vietnamese market from the investor Henri Nguyen, son-in-law of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and educated in the United States.

Livened up with shows and music

The restaurant has been inaugurated this weekend. Hundreds of people waited in line to grab their precious menu at the 1,300-square-meter, two-story establishment. Located near the center of the city, it is enlivened with shows and music at full volume throughout the day.

Franchise success

Despite the slowdown in economic growth in recent years and the roots of Vietnamese gastronomy, many analysts agree that the fascination of young people for fast food will guarantee the success of the franchise. However, it plays with the disadvantage of its late arrival in Vietnam compared to other world competitors such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut or Burger King, installed for years.

Present in more than 122 countries

With the opening in Vietnam four decades after the end of the war with the United States, there are already 122 countries in which the American fast food franchise is present. McDonald’s reportedly plans to open another store in one of the most touristy areas of Ho chi minh in the coming weeks, but he has not yet revealed his plans for the rest of the country.

First McDonald's in Vietnam (August 2020)

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