The world's largest cruise ship will be based in Barcelona

Are you already preparing the holidays for this summer? What do you think a cruise? What if I offer you the largest cruise ship in the world?

We just found out that the Allure of the Seas He will return to Europe for a full season in the Mediterranean. Of course, it will be in 2015. Barcelona will be its base port and will make weekly calls at another Spanish port, Palma de Mallorca. Without a doubt, great news, as the arrival of the Royal Carribben International cruise ship will have a great economic impact.

Economic and tourist boost for Spain

According to the company, it is estimated that more than 150,000 passengers will travel in the Allure of the Seas in 2015 (300,000 adding stops and shipments), which will generate benefits of more than 27 million euros in our country, positioning it as a world reference in the cruise and enhancing, therefore, the Spain brand. In addition, it will be a tourist boost for the country, since passengers from all over the world will travel to Barcelona to board the ship.

In three Spanish ports

The Allure of the Seas will arrive in Barcelona at the beginning of May next year, from where it will take a short 5-night cruise and 22 7-night itineraries until its last departure in mid October, when his season in Europe will end. In addition to Barcelona, ​​the cruise will visit Palma de Mallorca, Marseille (Provence), La Spezia (Florence and Pisa), Civittavechia (Rome) and Naples. He will also make two stopovers in Malaga, one on arrival from Miami to Spain and the other on his departure for the Caribbean in autumn 2015.


The ship, which came to light in late 2010, has a gross register of 225,282 tons, 362 meters long, 66 meters wide, 16 decks and a capacity for 2,384 crew and 6,318 passengers (5,400 in double occupancy). In addition, in its seven themed neighborhoods it has an impressive e innovative leisure and restaurant offer for all audiences, among which are the Aquatheater (the deepest acrobatic jumping pool on the high seas), Central Park (a park with more than 12,000 natural plants), a zip line, two swimming pools for surfing, a handmade merry-go-round, the Chicago musical Broadway, the most varied gastronomic offer and 28 modern loft suites.

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