The world's first prostitution museum

It is certainly the perfect place to open such a museum. We refer to Amsterdam and Red Light Secrets, the world's first prostitution museum, which yesterday opened its doors to openly show the back room of a legalized job in the Netherlands, although not without social stigma.

Logically, the museum of prostitution is located in the Red light district, where 900 prostitutes work in 276 shop windows. The objective is to show a complete vision of the sex market, without “added romanticisms”, as Ilonka Stakelborough, the creator of the Geisha Foundation, who watches over the sector's rights, explains. Do you want to know about this unique museum in the world.

Museum objectives

The museum, located in an old brothel, aims to contribute to the normalization of the trade, whose legalization in 2000 in the Netherlands has had undesired effects. For example, many students do not want to register as active in the market because that would appear on their curriculum and they decide to work at home. Of course, the museum also aspires to be an experience for the visitor, who has the opportunity to take the place of the prostitute within the showcase, see the rooms, with their cheap or luxury modality, sadomasochistic instruments and see the fashion of the prostitutes from the twenties to the present day.

What the museum hides

After paying an entry of 7.50 euros in a box office that imitates that of the dating houses of the 50s, the visitor enters the interior of the narrow houses that house the windows of the Red Light District, whose origins date back to the end 19th century. Inside you can discover one of the brothel rooms, an adjoining room that recreates a club room and even a prie-dieu for the visitor to confess his sins of lust.

Red Light Secret Museum of Prostitution Amsterdam | Tours & Tickets (January 2022)

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