A permanent luxury hotel ship in Gibraltar

Although in the strictest sense of the word, it is a luxury hotel, the truth is that the Sunborn Gibraltar It is much more than that: a ship, a large-scale yacht (about 15,000 square meters in area, eight floors and 142 meters long), a cruise ship ...

The most curious thing about this ship-hotel that will open next March is that it will almost always be in the same place. Curious, right? In principle, this ship was going to dock in Barcelona, ​​but the project got stuck and finally ended in this British territory, where the hotel offer is quite deficient because of lack of space. We explain more details about this luxury boat below.

Five-star accommodation

This Malaysian-built hotel-ship has 189 rooms, of which 18 are suites. They are decorated as if it were a five-star accommodation, with views of the Rock, the sea and the marina. As if that were not enough, the ship has a casino, spa, swimming pool and gym, bars, fine dining restaurants and a disco.

Gibraltar airport views

In addition, guests of the Sunborn can enjoy from the starboard suites of the takeoffs and landings of the aircraft runway at Gibraltar airport, just 250 meters away.

Boat-hotels are in fashion

In recent years, this type of establishment has become a constant, but why are floating hotels in fashion? Its promoters ensure that they offer the security of a investment hotel that can be moved for economic reasons or when an area has become politically unstable.

Would you like to stay in this boat-hotel? Well you should know that the room will cost 228 pounds (about 280 euros).

Discover Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar | Voyage Privé UK (May 2021)

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