Barcelona Walking Tours Christmas, a Christmas tour of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of places interesting to visit (historical architecture, parks, monuments, beaches ...) and, therefore, there are different routes so as not to miss a single detail. With the arrival of Christmas, Barcelona Tourism has created a new route so that everyone can enjoy the attractions that the city offers visitors during this time of year.

Its about Barcelona Walking Tour Christmas, a walking route through Barcelona that allows you to discover a large number of Christmas traditions and which also includes a tasting of nougat, one of the sweets that cannot be missed on the table at this time. Do you want to know more details about this route?

What is the route

The itinerary, which will be held until December 23, proposes to live the spirit of Christmas with the help of professional guides, part of the Tourist information office de Turismo de Barcelona, ​​in the Plaza de Cataluña at 6 pm every day and can be done in both Spanish and English. After touring central routes, squares and alleys of the city, it ends on the Rambla, just in front of the Palau de Virreina.

Emblematic places

During the Barcelona Walking Tour Christmas, you can visit such emblematic places as the Portal del Ángel fir; the fair of Santa Llúcia, located on the map of the Cathedral and which this year reaches its 227th edition; Calle Avinyó, a typically medieval street that inspired the painting by Picasso, the young ladies on Calle Avinyó; and Petritxol street, par excellence the street of farms and chocolate.
In addition, during the tour you can learn about the figure and history of the stump, be amazed by the lighting of the city, and discover the tradition of the lottery and the caganer.

Tour Christmas in Barcelona for 10 euros

The tour lasts approximately two hours and costs 10 euros (it is free for children). In addition, it includes the visit of the manger from the Plaza de Sant Jaume and a tasting of nougat.

Fira de Santa Llúcia - Barcelona Christmas Market 2018 (August 2020)

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