Iguazú Falls in downtown Buenos Aires

Can you imagine walking calmly through the center of your city and meeting head-on with the very same Iguazú Falls? Well, that's what will happen to those who walk through Buenos Aires from now on, because the Argentine capital has just inaugurated a replica of these touristy waterfalls.

The new structure is located in the Misiones Province square, located in the heart of Buenos Aires, so that both residents and tourists can enjoy the feeling of being in front of one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Do you want to know a little more about this initiative?

Powerful waterfall

The replica of the Iguazú Falls located in Buenos Aires It consists of a semicircle-shaped monument that represents the powerful waterfall of the renowned waterfalls and, due to its shape, can be identified with the Devil's Throat, one of the most famous falls in the national park located in northeast Argentina, on the border with Brazil.

Homage to Iguazú Falls

This tribute that the city of Buenos Aires has paid to the famous falls began to be planned after they were consecrated as one of the new seven wonders on November 1, 2011. But in addition to a tribute for its status as the only natural wonder of the world in Argentina, the monument is also a site strategic for the promotion of this tourist destination, which annually visits about a million tourists.

Made with the same stone

The work has been coordinated by the architect Serio Dobrusíb and has its interior armed with blackberry stone, the same one found in the waterfall formations and which was specially brought from Missions so that the monument had the same color as the original appeal that inspired it.

What do you think of this initiative of the city of Buenos Aires?

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