The most expensive restaurants in the world

Have you ever dined at a restaurant in luxury? Yes, the experience is unforgettable both for the gastronomic tasting and for other factors, such as personal attention or the environment. However, this incredible experience ceases to be when they bring you the bill, at least for mortals like us who can afford such a dinner from time to time.

What we can never possibly afford is a dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants in the world that we have been able to meet thanks to the list that he has prepared “The Daily Meal”Considering the price of its tasting menu, which does not always include wine, drinks and taxes. Do you want to know which are the 6 most expensive restaurants in the world? Well watch out!

Kitcho, Japan

The most expensive restaurant in the world is in Japan. And it is that a meal in this establishment will not drop below 450 euros. Mind you, its award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka serves each dish as a work of art representing the sights and smells of Japanese culture.

Le Meurice restaurant, Paris

Alain Ducasse's restaurant offers for dinner a menu that costs 380 euros per person, excluding drinks, taxes and tips.

Masa, New York

Located in the Time Warner Center, Masa offers a tasting menu that costs around 330 euros per person. Just cancel the reservation or not come the appointment can cost a little more than 140 euros per person.

Maison Pic, France

In fourth place is this classic French restaurant with three stars Michelin, which offers a tasting menu of 325 euros per person.

Aragawa, Tokyo

In fifth place is this Japanese restaurant that selects the won purebred Tajima with more than 24 months in the pastures of the Sanda region. The menu price? It will not drop below 272 euros per person.

Ithaa, Maldives

It is not the most expensive, but it may be one of the most spectacular, since you can eat five meters below the surface and with panoramic views of the coral gardens. The menu can cost from 90 euros to 235 euros.

The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World (June 2021)

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