Spanish lighthouses will become hotels

In many countries of the world headlights They have been converted into hotels, but until now, in Spain it was not a very common practice. However, the Ministry of Public Works has just announced that Puertos del Estado will immediately launch “an ambitious plan” to use the lighthouses for hotels, respecting their heritage value, through concessions where possible. As you may have imagined, this will enter the sector private.

The project, called “Lighthouses of Spain”, Seeks to enhance the network of lighthouses of Puertos del Estado so that all citizens can enjoy the magnificent views they offer. Do you want to know more details about this Government plan?

387 lighthouses in Spain

As they have explained from Fomento, this initiative will extend to several lighthouses, some of them in Galicia, although more details are not known. What we do know is that Spain has 387 lighthouses, of which 50 or 60 are inhabited. The possibilities They range from the installation of a rural house to a hotel, depending on the size, since there are lighthouses in which up to five families have lived.

Alternative uses for headlights

Some of the lighthouses are used for alternative uses, such as visits, cultural purposes, or hospitality. It is the case of Formentor, located in the Balearic Islands, which houses a restaurant, or that of Fisterra, in Galicia, which accommodates an exhibition hall.


To carry out this project, a working group will be set up to identify which lighthouses meet the conditions for which uses with the lowest possible cost, since a "sustainability”Of the activity in time. In addition, one of the obligations for the concessionaire will be to return the lighthouse to its initial state once its activity ceases.

What do you think about the initiative of government?

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