Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Colombia It is an incredible country, with a large number of natural and cultural attractions and that welcomes tourism with open arms. However, it is considered by many to be a dangerous destination, showing an image of an insecure country, armed groups, drug trafficking, bombs and kidnappings. However, this fear does not entirely correspond to reality, at least as regards the tourism sector.

What is important is not to forget the situation of the conflict armed and inform yourself before visiting jungle or risk areas (highly remote areas are considered high risk areas) and, if you decide to visit these areas, it is advisable not to look like a tourist, to accompany someone familiar with the chosen area and keep a low profile. Do you want to know more about security in Colombia?

Promotion of tourism

Currently, the promotion of tourism has become a state policy. In fact, a few years ago the president Álvaro Uribe He launched a campaign under the slogan "Live Colombia, travel through it", deploying the army on almost the entire national road network, a policy that has been very successful among the Colombian population, which has launched into the interior of the country. Of course, foreign tourism has also benefited from this new sense of security.


Despite not being as insecure a country as they say, it is important to take into account a series of tips: pay attention to what the local, always leave valuables in the hotel safe, do not walk in dark or sparsely populated areas, do not neglect your purse and pockets, take buses at terminals or specially designed places, change money in establishments intended for this and not accept food or drinks from unknown people. In short, tips to keep in mind when traveling to any corner of the planet.

A more specific tip is to pay attention if you are intercepted by people who claim to be part of the police and do not show documents.

IS COLOMBIA SAFE? The Harsh Truth (September 2020)

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