The most spectacular monasteries in the world

The monasteries they are a haven of peace, a piece of history that has marked many towns and that over the years does not lose its charm, since most are preserved in perfect condition. Some, in addition, are really spectacular and well worth a visit, as is the case of those I mention in this article with the aim of adding them to your wishlist triplist.

Before starting, comment that they are all located at many meters high, so they offer wonderful views of the place where they were built.

Meteora (Greece)

Very close to a beautiful city called Kalambaka, the Greeks do not tire of admiring the monasteries that were raised in a group of mounds during the XIV and XVI centuries. You cannot reach all of them because access is difficult and the roads are what they are, but you always have time to practice climbing to remove any restrictions. There are only six inhabited monasteries at a height of about 600 meters and to enter each one you have to pay 3 euros. They are Orthodox Christians and became the refuge of the Greeks during the German invasion in World War II, which is why some were destroyed.

Sümela (Turkey)

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Not too far from Greece we stumbled upon another amazing monastery. It is an orthodox monastery located at 1,200 meters of altitude which still stands enjoying impressive views of the Altindere National Park, a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast. It was built in the fourth century, when monks realized that there was a cavity large enough to shelter an icon of the Virgin, although it is true that the current forms correspond to the fourteenth century.

Sant Martí del Canigó (France)

At more than 1,000 meters of altitude, in the heart of the Pyrenees, the Benedictine abbey came alive thanks to Guifré II, count of Cerdanya and Conflent, and his brother Oliva, abbot of the monasteries of Sant Miquel de Cuixà and Santa Maria de Ripoll. If you visit it one day and you do not have vertigo, I recommend you go to the viewpoint of the monastery, since from there you will contemplate all the nature of the place, which is no small feat.

Omlung Techa (India)

There are plenty of reasons why you want to visit India. One more, and by the way not one of the best known, is the one that has to do with Omlung Techa, a Buddhist monastery located in the Ladack region, which is what is known as indian tibet. It seems incredible that it could exist because of the place where it was built, on the crests of a mountain that is not exactly small.

Taung Kalat (Myanmar)

Last but not least, the monastic Taung Kalat has the privilege of standing on top of a mound that is more than 1,500 meters above sea level. To get to the door you have to climb nothing more and nothing less than 777 steps, so it must be clear that to visit it you have to make an effort.

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