A company offers balloon trips to the stratosphere

Flying in a balloon is an experience that those who have tried it recommend to do once in a lifetime. But how would you like this trip to be practically in space? Yes, you read it right! The company World View Enterprises It has offered a trip to the stratosphere in a balloon that will cost no more and no less than 55,000 euros.

The experience involves rising 30 kilometers above the land, which will allow observing the planet from a privileged point of view for two hours.

A transformative experience

For the CEO of the company, Jane Poynter, "Seeing the Earth suspended in a vacuum surrounded by the black of space will help people to realize man's connection with the planet and the Universe that surrounds him, and will surely be a transformative experience for clients":

The objective of this initiative is to open a new world for the exercise of human curiosity, scientific research and education. We can't wait to blaze a trail in this new, affordable and affordable space flight regime, and to share this awesome experience with people from all over the world.

Advantages over space travel

Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace are offering short flights suborbital at an altitude of about 100 kilometers aboard powered space planes, in which passengers will have a few minutes of weightlessness, in addition to being able to enjoy the spectacular view. However, Poynter believes that the $ 250,000 charged by the first seat and the $ 95,000 from XCOR make the experience unique to millionaires. As if everyone could spend 55,000 euros on a balloon trip!

Latest tests on the capsule

Also, according to Poynter, none of the previous ships is ready yet, while the balloon is a proven system. In fact, the company ensures that they are conducting the latest tests to capsule in which those who contract this service will travel and which is designed by Paragon Space Development, a company that also helps in Martian exploration projects.

Spanish firm offers space travel by balloon (April 2021)

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