Air Berlin compensates 2,635 euros to the owner of a dead dog on its flights

How would you act if an area company let your dehydrated dog die? Of course, you could do nothing more than denounce the airline, which is what Javier Ramos did with Air Berlin when Nando, his pet, died as a result of a dehydration, after being exposed to the sun on the runway at Seville airport for 40 minutes.

Now, more than a year after the event, the owner of the animal and the company have reached a friendly agreement, so the process has been seen for sentencing. Apparently, Air berlin will indemnify the owner of Nando with 2,635 euros, the full amount he was claiming, in addition to paying 550 euros for the legal costs

100 euros bonus

Nando died dehydrated as a result of a heat stroke after the operators of the flight in which he had to travel left him exposed to the sun for almost an hour, in the middle of July, on the platform of parking lot of the planes. According to its owner, the company hid the body of his pet until the other passengers left and, after that, he offered the owner a bonus of 100 euros to fly again with the airline as compensation for what happened.

In addition, the owner assured that, one hour before boarding, the operator who collected the animal refused to put a bowl of Water inside the carrier, despite the high temperatures.

Without explanation

Once in Palma, the passenger waited for the carrier on the corresponding belt without it appearing and, after 15 minutes of waiting and without explanations of what had happened, they took him to another more remote part of the airport, where they told him that there was a problem with his dog. , that he was lying down, that he was not moving and that he could need urgent veterinary help. Finally they gave him the corpse of the animal, with signs that it had suffered dehydration.

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