Spectacular time-lapse of Barcelona

You have visited Barcelona ever? Would you like to travel to Barcelona? Well, whether or not you have been to the Catalan capital, you should not miss the video that we are going to show you below, because it really is worth it.

The time-lapse You can see below is the work of Belarusian photographer Alexandr Kravtsov, who has spent nearly three months in Barcelona (from August to October) to create one of the best videos of all time in Barcelona. Of course, the figures speak for themselves: more than 100 metro trips, 24,000 photos, many hours of production and more than 480 GB of collected material. As a result, five minutes of video time-lapse from Barcelona.

Photographers favorite destination

In recent times, Barcelona has become one of the favorite Spanish destinations for photographers. Dozens of videos can be found online spectacular from the Catalan capital, although few come close to Kravtsov's.

What is time-lapse

The time-lapse It is a very popular photographic technique used in cinematography and photography that aims to show different reasons or events that usually happen at very slow speeds and imperceptible for the human eye. The visual effect achieved with this technique is that everything that has been captured moves very quickly, such as the movement of clouds, the opening of a flower, a sunset or, in this case, today you we show, the movement of the city of Barcelona.

Without further detours, we leave you with this spectacular video that will make you want to visit the city of Barcelona increase.

Barcelona GO! (January 2022)

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