What to bring in your suitcase to go on a cruise

Unfortunately the summer is over, but there are many who still have a few days of vacation that they can take advantage of for a small or long getaway. Without a doubt, one of the best options to enjoy these holidays is to make a cruise by any corner of the planet.

If you are one of those lucky people who is going to enjoy a cruise during these days or at any other time of the year, your luggage should not lack your passport, sun cream, sunglasses, swimsuits and towels, although that it is not all. We tell you everything you have to carry in the bag then.

Hand bag

It is important that when making a cruise do not forget the handbag, where you must have all the documentation essential to enter the boat, such as ID and passport. You can take advantage and put a swimsuit and clean clothes in the bag to not wait for your bags to arrive and enjoy the cruise from the first moment.


As for clothing, it is essential that you put comfortable clothing in your suitcase if you plan to take an excursion. You should know that during your stay on the boat you can go with clothes informal, including dinners, although there will be an exception: dinner with the capital. That night the men must go with a shirt and the women with a dress. And although we have told you that for the rest of the lunches and dinners you can go informally, in most cruises they prohibit eating in swimming trunks.


Finally, don't forget to put a travel guide, a camera and a camera in your suitcase book so as not to get bored while sunbathing on the terrace of the boat.

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